"Good technique =
good progress =
happy and healthy person"

Personal Training

Hi! I’m Iryna, certified personal trainer and group training instructor from Ukraine.  

My journey started from dance school, went though pole acrobatics, yoga and led me to the gym, where I found myself in powerlifting and strength training. 
For the last 4 years I have been a personal trainer. The best part of my job is watching my clients getting results, reaching their goals, getting stronger and the main: smile and happiness of people. 
I am a strict and demanding trainer (but don’t worry, with a good sense of humor and interesting workouts) 
I am always concentrating on the exercises technique. 
Because good technique = good progress = happy and healthy person:)

I would LOVE  to help you with workouts! 

My last achievements were 2d place at Te Aroha powerlifting competition (2020), 2d place at Kyiv powerlifting championship (Powerlifting federation of Kyiv, 2019), 3d place at Kyiv championship (Powerlifting federation of Ukraine, 2018). 


  • Strength training/powerlifting 
  • Weight loss/muscle gain
  • “Bootiebuilding” - ladies favorite style of training :) 
  • Stretch/mobility 



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