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Simply put, a personal trainer is there to get you results. To push you further, harder and faster than you thought you could go. You get to leverage their knowledge in both exercise and nutrition to take you to where you want to be.
Personal trainers are focused on helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, it is their job!

Here's 7 reasons you should use a personal trainer:
  1. They educate you - If you are new to the gym experience, they can show you how to use the equipment. If there is new equipment, they can incorporate that into your training too.
  2. They are objective supporter - we all have our favourite exercise or areas we want to work on. PT's offer you objective advice and expertise on what muscle groups would be beneficial to focus on and how to optimise a sessions.
  3. They are better than a mirror - Although mirrors are handy to check on your form and technique while performing your workout, it is even better when you have someone there tweaking technique while you are doing the workout.
  4. They challenge you - When you think you can't do any more, a PT will get more out of you - and you will be grateful for it afterwards.
  5. They hold you accountable - it is a lot more challenging to not make your appointment with your trainer than it is to hit the pub rather than going for your own training sessions.
  6. They keep you from plateauing - with new workouts constantly up their sleeves, PT's will keep your workouts fresh and interesting as well as you seeing consistently improving results.
  7. They are flexible - Trainers can work around your schedule and in some cases would travel to make sure you get that session in and to offer variety.

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