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On the stationary bicycle – one of the world's fastest fat-burning workouts, Spin improves aerobic capacity and anaerobic strength. A calorie burning (some experts say up to 900 in a single session) and toning session, you will – under the direction of your instructor – experience slow hard climbs, short sprints and recovery spins. Prepare to sweat!

Circuit - Strength

Nothing like a bit of variety to spice up your workout. This full body workout is designed to increase muscle tone, strength and fitness, by lifting the heart rate into the fat burning zone and conditioning your core.

Love variety, use of kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls and weights? Then this is the circuit for you!

Circuit - Bootcamp 

A military style training session! Bootcamp leads you through high intensity strength and cardio exercises designed to challenge your strength and endurance while burning lots of calories. You come to this because you have a score to settle with a few calories that have over stayed their welcome!


A great form of exercise to change your shape, posture and mind. You will never be able to go without, once you've started - you will feel that good after a class. Pilates is a form of exercise which incorporates a balance of core strength exercise, flexibility, toning and stretching in order to support efficient, graceful movement.


WoD is a group trainiA Full Body HIIT workout experience!
Utilisiung your own body weight, you will build muscle, get your heart pumping, and become more agile. Burn is suitable for all levels of fitness and all movements can be scaled.

If you like a bit of fun and banter, BURN is a class you don't want to miss!

Circuit - Functional FiT

It's back to basics, but on a whole new level. Similar to Grid, we focus on six movements you've done your whole life, probably incorrectly. Geared to all fitness levels, Functional Fit makes you the strongest, most flexible you, that you can be.


Reduces stress and tension while building strength and mobility. Suitable for all levels - including beginners.


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