FiT for Summer Twenty18 Program

Over the last 10 years (and at an accelerating speed over the last 3 years) Cambridge has cemented its place as one of the country’s leading sporting hot spots. This has spilled over into fantastic outdoor sport and leisure features such as the cycle ways, Velodrome, Outdoor gym and river and lake trails. It is not surprising that a portion of the residence of Cambridge are enjoying a more active lifestyle – whether this is a result of the above or not, who knows.

All this aside though, there are extremely alarming statistics around lifestyle diseases and more worrying is that these are effecting our younger generations more now than ever.  As parents we have an opportunity to role model a healthier lifestyle which in turn grants us the gap to influence the younger generation who we come into contact with.

It may seem easy to say you can get out for a run or cycle whenever you like, ask yourself why you haven’t done so yet or as often as you would like. Is it that we don’t have time? Is life too busy? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had someone to do it with? A Training buddy who it at a similar stage to you and likely even has similar health goals. We can lead the charge on turning this horrible tide and have a lasting impact on our youth. FiT Gym wants to help and we have a program to help equip the community. Knowing what to do is one of the biggest hurdles. Take a few minutes to read this, we have a role to play and believe this can make a dent but we need your help.

Terms & Conditions

This is a 6-week program built to support any and all people over the age of 14 to claim or reclaim their health. We aim to create the hub, a community, where participants of the program feel supported and surrounded by others facing the same daily challenges while pursuing similar goals for their health and wellbeing.

FiT Gym offers participants an environment which is geared to facilitating the success for these people. Facilitating group training sessions, connection with smaller groups to support one another as well as pair participants with a training buddy or two to increase accountability.
To further support participants, you will have access to one of our experienced trainers to assist with training, nutrition or life challenges that seem to be causing a roadblock for you to further your progress.

To participate in FiT for Summer Twenty18, you need to be a member of FiT gym.  Should you choose to complete the FiT for Summer and you are not currently a member, there are a number of promotional membership options available.

Crucial steps in the successful involvement in the FiT for Summer Twenty18 program:

  • Register for the program on the FiT website or complete the form at the gym.
  • Submit your entry information and pay the registration fee.
  • Take your “Before Photo” (please ensure it is date stamped or the date of it being taken is indisputable)
  • Start your transformation (start on the 5/11/2018) – Using our training programs and nutritional plans to gain the best results
  • Take your “After Photo” (once again make sure the date is indisputable).
  • Now that you have initiated and embedded some of the great behaviours that made this fantastic change possible, keep going! Map out how you can make this or a similar lifestyle your new life! After all, you want to remain FiT for LIFE!

Connecting with the FiT for Summer Twenty18 community

There is a reason teams achieve more than individuals. A team can support its members, be that in a cognitive motivational manner when the member or members are feeling low, flat or just not interested. Or a technical manner where members are naturally weak in an area and as a result are likely to neglect it or just not work very hard at it. The team is there to assist and support every single link in the chain and in doing so the connection grows and strengthens. The individuals in the team start to want to contribute to the cause and thrive on it. Before long these members are achieving exercise outcomes and doing activities they never thought they would possibly do – their FiTness has surpassed their own expectations.

The FiT for Summer community is one big team or community, connected by a belief that their current level of fitness and health is not where they want it to be. Within this community are a few smaller teams where their fitness goals are more defined be that weight loss, muscle gain, body composition or general cardiovascular health. FiT will help to put these teams together so that members can connect and support people trying to achieve similar FiTness goals. 

How you start your journey is up to you and whether you want to join it by yourself or with your partner is up to you. 

Registration and Registration fees

  • Anyone over the age of 14 is eligible to register. 
  • Participants to be members of FiT gym. 
  • Participants need to be registered by Friday, 2 November 2018
    • Late registrations will be accepted up to 12 November.
    • Before photos are to be taken by a trainer at the gym on the same day as the late registration.
    • Full registration fees apply to all registrations including late ones.

  • Sole-operative limited to 20 people – fee of $100

A sole-operative would suit someone who sees the value in taking on this mission and wants to or needs to make their training fit around their other commitments and would find making group sessions a challenge. You are committed, self-motivated and have the burning desire to take this mission with 3-weekly check-ins.

  • What your support looks like:
    • Meal Plan
    • Workout plan
    • 3-weekly check-in and measure with a FiT trainer

  • Commando Limited to 20 people – fee of $360

You live for the mission. You will not quit and you will not loose focus. Your mission is maximum transformation and want a tailored plan to achieve it – guesswork is just not going to cut it for you. You will not deviate from the plan and will be 100% committed to following it. You will have top trainers on tap for your questions and support.

  • What your support looks like:
    • Specific Diet Plan
    • Food Diary
    • Tailored Workout Plan
    • 2-weekly measure
    • 1 Personal Training session weekly

During the program, participants will also receive:

  • Regular exercise and nutritional tips
  • Facebook community connection
  • Full use of all the group training programs offered as part of the regular FiT membership.

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