Sugar – My Heroin (Part 5)

Knowledge is power… or is it?

By: Quinton de Bruin

No doubt you have been sitting on Facebook, clicking refresh again and again as you eagerly await the arrival of the next article in this series... possibly not…. Anyway, the beauty about a series or a process is that it is simply about moving from one step to the next in a specific order to achieve an outcome. The reason for the almost 2 weeks between articles is that there was a lot of video content to get through from the last article. I’m picking now is a good time to check you have fully completed all the steps to date. You may need to check the previous articles for confirmation.

Over the weekend you may have made a start on that video content you were tasked with in the previous article, you might have realised that there is a good weeks’ worth of viewing “pleasure”! As it is absolutely critical to view every minute of the content – and I know there is some repetition in that - we are tasked with over-riding 30 years of programming, repetitive reinforcement is one of the aims of this step. If you are anything like me, you will stay up all night and get through it in one go (not advised if your job doesn’t entail sleeping for hours the next day). Alternatively you could break it up into chucks to watch a documentary every night.

We really want to get the most out of this exercise so I urge you not only to watch the doco and move onto the next, but rather follow that up with telling someone about what you have watched (choose someone who doesn’t have the option to walk away – kids, friends, partner or parents). Knowing we will be passing on knowledge makes us more likely to listen and absorb the information. In most cases this discussion will generate a few questions or statements from your, now backed into a kitchen corner, partner. Your ability to understand the question and likely answer it will provide an indication of your familiarity on the topic of sugar and how it affects us through our dietary choices – this is key. 

Ever heard the saying “Knowledge is power”? The 2018 version is – “Knowledge is potential power!” You can know everything there is to know about the sugar topic, yet knowledge without taking action on that fantastic knowledge would not change your status quo. We would continue to feed it to ourselves and our families in quantities that have a detrimental impact on health.

So if you haven’t sunk your teeth into the YouTube clips as yet, let’s start there – only THEN will you be in a strong position with significant leverage to start making the changes that follow and which support us in our mission to have a positive impact on our health.


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