Key learnings from the last 30 days and the result

By: Quinton de Bruin

As silly as it may seem, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Nope no screaming baby or a snoring partner – it was all about the result today and unless you have made a public declaration about a goal or ambition, you might not grasp the dimension this adds to 'weigh-in' day. Before I get into that though, there are a couple of learnings I took from this challenge that have been key for me, in not only sticking to the task at hand but ultimately and officially leading to a lifestyle change. I thought I would run through these for those of you not keen to read all the articles – bear in mind, it is my cheat day and with the whiff of chocolate in the fridge, I am very likely to miss a couple of points in order to save it from the cold of the fridge.
When looking to make a lifestyle change, make sure you pantry knows about your plans – make a statement or declaration by throwing away the stuff that is not part of the new you!

Marketers aren't paid to educate us, they are paid on results, results of selling the product not the result the products generate. Remember this when you see the adverts for the next big weigh loss shake or diet.

Our food choices and those we make for our kids, appears to have a very strong link to the lifestyle diseases we are facing more and more very day.

The Kelloggs brothers changed the American breakfast and ultimately their views shaped the food pyramid. And due to this, there is so much we have been 'taught' about food and now there is so much we have to unlearn.

80% of our health results from what we shove down our throats and only 20% comes from the exercise we do. As our bodies need only the carbohydrates it gets from vegetables, the extra grains, breads, starches and so on are not serving me.

Kumara and yams are better for you than potatoes but if you choose to fry or bake the Kumara, it causes the same spike in insulin in the body that sugar (pure glucose to be specific) does! So stick to the boiled version.

Buy organic if you can. In New Zealand we are quite spoilt really with the accessibility of farmer's markets. Sure it costs a bit more, but let's call it a flat tummy tax.

Having a cheat meal per week isn't dropping the ball. It helps keep you sane and makes for a change that is manageable. By plaining your cheat meal, you are in control also.

Changing up your cardio routine means your efforts are rewarded. Your body gets used to performing the same activity to switching it up keeps it guessing.

If your health is a priority for you, you will make time to get your exercise in. The earlier in the day you knock it over the better and more likely you are to follow through.

Exercising isn't only about the gym or pavement pounding. Getting your family involved in bike rides or other outdoor activities means they get to share in your journey.

The power in having your "why" front and centre is immense! No matter how tough the challenge is you face, if you have a strong enough why, the how doesn't matter, you will find a way.

Whether you think you are doing well to avoid sugar by using a substitute or drinking diet drinks without sugar, the news is all bad. Your body reacts to artificial sweetener in a very similar way, which ultimately means it stores carbs and fats because it believes there is sugar there to burn first.

Not all 'healthy' fast food options are … well healthy! Not only that but they try sell you a meal at a bargain price and before you know it you have a sub, a coke and a freak'n amazing cookie!

We are all different people yet there is no such thing as people having vastly different metabolisms. That there are ways to speed up yours and also a few common myths that need to be dispelled. We are once again in control of how fast we lose weight and guided mainly by what we put into our mouths.

Caffeine really isn't that bad for you but be careful of what you add to it. "coffee" is not meant in the wider sense of the word so excludes the milks, syrups and flavours.

Eggs have received a hard time of late. It has been said that regular consumption would have alarge impact on cholesterol and that this is bad. Turns out the humble is a bombshell of energy, macro and micro nutrients – which in some cases aren't available from other sources.

Both weight training and cardio have a place in most if not all training programs. That muscle mass is far more efficient in burning fat and that cardio can also lead to burning muscle if over done.

That heart rate is the only single way to truly measure your health and fitness and appreciate the progress you are making on your fitness journey.

That to gain a butt you are proud of take getting off your butt and doing weight training to engage the glutes – not just a bikini perspective, top athletes work extremely hard to use these large muscle groups in enhancing performance.

Alcohol is not our friend. Always fine in moderation but really it hangs around in our bodies so long and impacts the effectiveness of our activities for days afterwards. It really is something best left off the menu when trimming down.

Like I started off saying, no doubt there are a few more gems in the articles but let's switch over for a second and address these objectives I set when we kicked this off 30 days ago and that kept me awake most of last night. At the start of all this, I weighed in at 112 kilograms (112.6kgs to be exact) and had a body fat of 16%. The aim was to drop the weight to 106kgs and the body fat to 12%. Turns out I dropped 6.90kgs to a weight of 105.7 kilograms!.... and my body fat measured out at just below 12%! I honestly felt more relieved than excited but that emotion soon came rushing through!

I am very satisfied with the outcome and would find it difficult to argue that Abel James the Fat Burning Man isn't onto something that can change generations. We have shared some knowledge and you now know of a real live human experiment that has done it. The message Abel sells is simple – eat real foods! It's not that left field really. A quick thanks to all those who supported me throughout this challenge – from editing late at night to cooking new meals, I thank my partner. My son who became an avid (compare to normal) trier of foods he hadn't consumed before and pointing out that my fat roll still exists and lastly the team at Body and Motion for their thoughts, suggestions and expertise. Till next time you crazy wild people – catch you at the gym!

The small print: now is probably a good time to encourage you to have a discussion about your personal situation with your doctor, a nutritionist and the Body and Motion trainers to work out how best to achieve any challenges you have in mind. The thoughts in these blogs are my own personal opinion and shouldn't be taken as direct advice. Some of the choices around what I consume or what activity I partake in may not be endorsed by Body and Motion. However, the team will always be keen enablers of your fitness goals! Talk to us today.


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