Clarity is Power – meals and the ones you like

By: Quinton de Bruin

A few weeks back we discussed how important it is to have a plan when it comes to meals so you can stick to it. We all lead busy lives and it is easy to start dropping the ball when life takes over. One of my pet hates when learning and reading about what people did or ate to achieve outcomes and they end up not really being specific about what it actually was it ends up being a conceptual discussion. I had a flick through some of the articles here and I find that I been a bit thin on the detail. If you haven't Googled the "Wild Diet", you may well still be in the dark as to what type of meals I am actually eating while aiming to knock over a few goals. Seeing the entire challenge is about this diet, I apologies for this oversight – oops.

So today I thought I would share some recipes from the meal plan that we have been enjoying (and I say we because even my son has jumped in on most meals with a small number of tweaks to make his plate more kid-friendly.

I have mentioned that I am a fan of salads – and at this time of the year it's just great to have fresh salads in the hot weather. As a result you will notice a few of these have salads – possibly over the winter I would have leaned towards some other options!

So easy, basically swopping out wraps for lettuce to make Burger Burritos – and for the kids you may like to just add the wrap back in.
Some would call Chicken drumsticks a kid's meal – I'm a fan…. Let's leave it at that.
I mentioned this one before – the Mock Potato Salad is just fantastic – try it and take it to your next BBQ – it will be the hit salad, trust me!
We bought a spiraliser a little while back, just because it looks like fun to play with and getting kids used to preparing food in fun ways. Turns out it makes a beautiful Zucchini noodle! We tweaked the seafood on this and why not, don't be bound by recipes, have a play!
Something I haven't had quite as often as I thought I would is smoothies – may have something to do with my Nutri Bullet having a smoking blade after about 45 seconds of wizzing, I didn't like that much.

Arguably very similar to the Burrito, is the Taco Salad, great on a warm summer evening – we actually have this again last night!

Now when it comes to desert, I am a fan of the sweet stuff – I think if you know me this is probably a massive understatement. However in the last 25 days I have had my blinkers tweaked and wow this Vanilla Spice Chia Pudding amazing.

I don't think I need to say too much about this next one, I have grown to like dark chocolate recently too – possibly because I wasn't having it at the same time as the milk chocolate which would kill the taste with all the sugar.

You may have noticed a few food groups not included in any of these recipes. Things like grains, breads and pastas, noodles and starchy vegetables are the things I have stayed away from this challenge. If you are interest in knowing more about the actual meals I would be happy to chat. What I initially struggled with is that there is no calorie counting. There are only guidelines as to portion size and the makeup of your plate is different to certainly what I grew up eating. With only 5 days to go, I know there have been changes and I am blown away seeing the concept behind the Wild Diet just seems unspecific. Sure there are things you don't eat or drink but it is not about a shake replacement 3 times per day or anything – the philosophy is simple and about real food prepared and consumed in the ways they taste fantastic. It is hardly a difficult way of eating. I would suggest the challenges are in the convenience factor of certain foods. I come back to the fact that planning is essential to succeed in anything we take on - why would the way we feed our family be any different?

The small print: now is probably a good time to encourage you to have a discussion about your personal situation with your doctor, a nutritionist and the Body and Motion trainers to work out how best to achieve any challenges you have in mind. The thoughts in these blogs are my own personal opinion and shouldn't be taken as direct advice. Some of the choices around what I consume or what activity I partake in may not be endorsed by Body and Motion. However, the team will always be keen enablers of your fitness goals! Talk to us today.


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