Why friends could cost you your goal and the better choices on the café menu

By: Quinton de Bruin

Day six and it has been a stunning day with temperatures hovering around the mid-twenties. It really wasn't difficult to get out and active and as we were out on a bike ride, I was thinking about tomorrow's breakfast – odd thought and for no real reason. I had just had breakfast and it was a nice spinach, egg and fish combo so I wasn't hungry. The thought of it being a long weekend made me think of having a family breakfast at a café. That thought led onto what to have off the menu and this naturally took me to bacon!

In a roundabout way, the thought that very often pops into my head is about what my friends and colleagues have to say about my choice in foods – particularly while I was training for the Half Ironman. During this time, my fuel was very similar to the Wild Diet and as such I made it my mission to test and compare all the cafés equivalent of the "big breakfast" and the order came with the standard alteration of "no hash, potato, fries or bread/toast thanks. Out comes this large plate of bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, eggs and in many cases some greens. I felt so rebellious!

What crossed my mind though is we generally don't go to a café by ourselves and if you haven't done your homework and researched what you are shovelling down your throat, you are so susceptible to what others say and how you are judged. Think for a minute (and this is assuming you have chosen to cut back on high carb foods such as breads, pastas and starches) how much it has taken for you to stop and question the mainstream information being funnelled into our lives. No, you are defending your meal. Friends and family question because they care. They don't want you to do something that is going be bad for you and we have been told bacon and eggs is bad food. I guess what I am suggesting is be mindful of this, realise that "you don't know what you don't know" and as a result, people will try to "help you". This probably won't be the time to confront them with the "truth", leave that for when they ask you what you took to lose all the weight. When you reply is simply that you took nothing, you will have their attention.

I have taken the menu of a café in Sydney (only so that no one calls me up and says I am 'bagging' their menu – which I am not). The first couple of items are the ones I have come to realise are the ones I won't be having because they are usually, porridge, muesli or cereal based of sorts. The eggs on toast options are really not ideal either. Once you get past those, the world is your oyster, simply remember to request they leave off fries, hash and toast.

Anyway, I hope that message sinks in, I won't club it to death. Back on today for a minute just to run you through – I trained later today, was great to see some others there too though. Shoulders, abs and legs it was followed by a 20 minute high-intensity interval session on the Matrix S-Drive – 2 sets of 10 minutes, 20 seconds work then 40 seconds rest. The first set to level 6 for work and the last 10 reps were up to level 10. I was toast!

Lunch was a BFGS with tuna – perfect for the hot day!

I brewed a batch of apple cider and in this heat, I could hear them calling my name! Here's the confession, I ended up having four drinks rather than the recommended two so perfection was out the window. For dinner, I recovered well – good portion of BBQ meat. Straight off the grill and a selection of fresh salads – come on summer!

As we discussed the other day, winning isn't about winning every battle, it is about winning a lot more than you lose and knowing that the odd one will be lost. Ultimately victory is about winning the war. Tomorrow is a new day, it happens to be day 7 and my first day to have a cheat meal, I have no idea what that might be!

The small print: now is probably a good time to encourage you to have a discussion about your personal situation with your doctor, a nutritionist and the Body and Motion trainers to work out how best to achieve any challenges you have in mind. The thoughts in these blogs are my own personal opinion and shouldn't be taken as direct advice. Some of the choices around what I consume or what activity I partake in may not be endorsed by Body and Motion. However, the team will always be keen enablers of your fitness goals! Talk to us today.


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