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Challenges make me wild!

By: Quinton de Bruin – 20 January 2017

As you and your friends return to work after the summer break, it's only a matter of time before you begin to reminisce about the great times had with family and friends and then the way your clothes seem to have shrunk in the clothes drier again this summer as a result – damn that thing!

Where possible I have continued to hit the gym with the view of countering the food and drink from the night before or the one to come - really testing the calories in verse calories out equation!

All that aside – as we head back to work – I find that I want to challenge myself, shred some unwanted weight (which when you get past 40 seems to cling on like white on rice!) and make some gains in the strength and general fitness department. Label them New Year resolutions if you like but I'm quite confident this feeling comes around more than once a year for me. Whether I'm prepared to give them the time of day as they arise is a totally different thing!

For a few years now I have been listening to a podcast called "Fat Burning Man". Abel James presents and shares interesting information, a sense of humour and common sense principals. I followed some of his suggestions and techniques while preparing for a season of triathlons and a half Ironman two summers ago. By competition time, I felt great, looked lean and had the energy to achieve what I once believed was not something I would be able to do!
Back to the challenge - Abel (the Fat Burning guy) has one and I have decided to give it 30 days, never mind just the time of day!

Unlike the vast majority of challenges in the multi-billion-dollar health and wellbeing industry, this 30-Day Fat Loss version doesn't require powders or supplements. As a matter of fact, everything I need for the challenge can be found at the local grocery store!

Sure it has a claim of amazing results, for instance, one American man who dropped 20 pounds (9.07kgs) in 40 days! Secretly I'd be quite happy with that, and frankly that's a believable number. Right, so no powders, syrups or pills to add to the pantry – no surprises then a lifestyle change is required. I'm up for it, discarding some foods like breads, pastas, maize and grain products and filling the fridge with fresh fruit, masses of vegetables, meats, fish and poultry (and I'm a fan of chicken so we're good!)

In an effort to get my pantry sorted and my head around the commitment (of doing the challenge and writing about it – good and bad days – I promise), day 1 will kick-off on Monday 30th January 2017. Until then I'll be writing about what I have learned and come across in preparation for the challenge and the so called "Wild Lifestyle".

My hope is that by writing about the experience and sentiments throughout the 30 days, people will understand that we all face challenges and have our own demons that throw obstacles in the way when it comes to achieving a goal we want; and that having people support you and believing in you puts your wildest (there's that word again) dreams within reach. Who knows, hopefully this will inspire you to search for or research your own crazy challenge over the next wee while. We want to hear about what goals you've set yourself and share your highs and lows too!

Until tomorrow it is then – you crazy wild people!

The small print: now is probably a good time to encourage you to have a discussion about your personal situation with your doctor, a nutritionist and the Body and Motion trainers to work out how best to achieve any challenges you have in mind. The thoughts in these blogs are my own personal opinion and shouldn't be taken as direct advice. Some of the choices around what I consume or what activity I partake in may not be endorsed by Body and Motion. However, the team will always be keen enablers of your fitness goals! Talk to us today.


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