What are your problem issues or foods that stop you from losing weight?

( here are the tips that helped our Greatest Loser Competitors to lose bodyfat )

I realize that my problem is: Therefor, I will:

I get really hungry after work or in the afternoon and eat whatever I can find ( or too much of whatever I find)

  • Get my afternoon snack planned/ready in the morning
  • Clean out the cupboards of unhealthy foods
  • Put cut-up carrots/veg in the front of the fridge
  • Take my snack – fruit, bars, nuts or yogurt with me so that I don't get so hungry

I eat cake/cookies/sweets, more than once/week

  • Replace those foods with my favourite healthy snacks
  • Plan to have moderate amount of these types of foods once a week as a treat
  • I will not keep these things in my house regularly as no one needs to eat these everyday and I cannot be trusted to eat a moderate amount!

I snack on potato chips and other fatty foods

  • Clean out my cupboards of those foods
  • Have a moderate amount of those foods once a week
  • I know I can't stop eating this, so I'm cutting it out completely

I eat only healthy foods, but I am still not losing weight

  • I will follow my eating plan to the "T" that the nutritionist have given me
  • I will measure my portions
  • I will be especially aware of portions at dinner
  • I will not have seconds
  • I will not eat off anyone else's plate
  • I will not snack while cooking/standing up
  • If I do not lose weight after three days and while doing all of the above, I will reduce my snack size or reduce my dinner portions, especially carbs.

I like fried/deep fried or fatty foods like sausages or creamy/cheesy foods

  • I will look at my list of lean proteins and choose recipes that include them instead

I get takeaways/eat late at night because I'm so busy

  • I will make myself a priority and find a way to make dinner
  • I will plan my meals

I eat too many carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread) at dinner

  • I will drink a big glass of water before dinner
  • I will measure out my carbs before cooking so that I don't have any extra to eat
  • I will fill at least half my plate with veggies or green salad first
  • If I am still hungry after eating the appropriate portions, I will wait 20minutes to see if I am full
  • Then, if I am still hungry, I will fill up on veggies.


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