Did you know....

You can have 1 bar instead of your mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks, on your eating plan!

If you don't like the snacks on your eating plan, or you want a cheap easy option, then you can have a muesli bar:-)

Which muesli bar on NZ shelves is the healthiest?


Look for bars that are low in sugar, low in saturated fat, have the fibre content listed and contain useful nutrients such as wholegrains, nuts and seeds.

Here are the top 7, all less than 150 calories -

Compared according to sugar, cost, fat, fibre and calories.


No.1. Be Natural Trail Bars – Sultanas, Dates, Almonds & Peanuts

Of the varieties tested, these come out on top. They meet all the nutrition criteria and are equal lowest in price (with Griffins bars).

Nutrition information per bar: Calories, 114; Saturated fat, 0.5 grams; Sugar, 5.9 grams; Fibre, 4 grams; (based on New World prices). They also get marks for containing wholegrains, seeds and nuts. For more details, see summary table below.

No.2. Nice and Natural Supergrains Muesli Bar - With Almond, Chocolate & Quinoa

These come a very close second, also meeting the nutrition criteria.

Nutrition information per bar: Calories, 126; Saturated fat, 1.1 grams; Sugar, 6.5 grams; Fibre, 1.6 grams; They also get marks for wholegrain, nuts and seed content.

No.3. Mother Earth Nuts About Almond

These meet all nutrition requirements except on kilojoules/calories.

Nutrition information per bar: Calories, 169; Saturated fat, 1.3 grams; Sugar, 4.6 grams; Fibre, 3 grams

No. 4. Pams Apricot Muesli Bars

In fourth place is Pams Apricot Muesli Bars. Although they have a little too much saturated fat, they are lower in calories than other options and also tick some boxes for wholegrains, nuts or seeds.

Nutrition information per bar: Calories, 119; Saturated fat, 2.1 grams; Sugar, 6.1 grams; Fibre - figure not available

No. 5. Griffins Choc Chippies Muesli Bars

These bars are too high in saturated fat and sugar, but still fall within an acceptable calorie range. They contain little in the way of nutritious ingredients.

Nutrition information per bar: Calories, 132; Saturated fat, 2.3 grams; Sugar, 10.5 grams; Fibre content not listed

No.6. Flemings Deliciously Nutty Bars - Dark choc, Peanut & Fruit

While these are high in fibre, they do not meet the requirements for any other nutrient.

Nutrition information per bar: Calories, 207; Saturated fat, 4.4 grams; Sugar, 10.5 grams; Fibre, 3 grams.

No.7. Tasti Meganuts Bars - Peanut Butter

Again, these only meet one nutrition criteria - the sugar requirement. They are also expensive.

Nutrition information per bar: Calories, 215; Saturated fat, 3.1 grams; Sugar, 8.2 grams; Fibre, 1.4 grams;

If you like to have something to snack on in stead of what is on your earring plan - this would be ideal, healthy, easy and cheap


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