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Due to the current pandemic and restrictions in place for our industry, we'll only be commencing bookings from our website and app in Level 2 lockdown. In the meantime FiT family, stay connected with us on Facebook, Kylie & Jamie.

InBody 570

Bathroom scales only tell us part of the story.  The InBody 570 measures and analyses an individual's body composition in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral and much more.

This allows our Personal Trainers to regularly monitor your level of body fat and in particular your visceral fat and skeletal muscle mass so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition.

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Circuit - Xtreme

Xtreme is a challenging, circuit group training session. Ex sports person? Or just fit and love the challenge of pushing yourself - get in touch!

Functional Fitness Area

You have heard about functional training, it sounds awesome but the thought of a boutique niche functional gym scares you. We can help!

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