Time is the one thing we cannot get or make more of. Using it effectively then is the only way to maximise it! You can keep following the same program you have been and get the same results as you have been (are you happy with those results) or you can do the smart thing and become effective with the time you spend training and exercising by engaging me.

I will custom-build a fitness approach that caters to you, your goals and your lifestyle habits - this will give you your best chance of success. To physically make a change in body shape or general health does take a serious commitment. Whether you're someone who needs to be held accountable to regular quality exercise, or you're someone who is self-motivated and needs some direction to maximise your training potential, working with me is the answer.

You can choose to purchase sessions on a casual basis, or you can make a commitment to an upfront block of 6 or 12 weeks sessions (discounts apply). If you need a challenge and want to change shape fast then I offer a results-driven Transformation package

Services Offered

  • Weight Loss/Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Toning and Shaping
  • Sports specific Strength & Conditioning
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Health Overhaul
  • Holiday or Business Trip programs


One to One Personal Training
Casual Sessions
  • 60 minutes $60.00
  • Cluster Group (min 4) $20pp
Subscription5 sessions10 sessions20 Sessions
60 minutes$275 ($55)$500 ($50)$900 ($45)

8 Week Transformation Program (60min per session)
2 x sessions/week (18 sessions) $810.00
3 x sessions/week (26 sessions)$1,145.00
4 x sessions/week (34 sessions)$1,460.00

Two to One Personal Training (Partner Training)

Casual Sessions
  • 60 minutes $40.00

Subscription5 sessions10 sessions
60 minutes$160.00 ($32.00)$300.00 ($30.00)
  • All prices above for Partner Training is per person
  • For more information and to see if Partner Training is best suited to you please get in contact.
  • Payment required upfront for all subscription packages
  • Prices in brackets denotes cost per session
  • All prices are inclusive of GST


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