80% of your results come from what you put into your mouth


When we get around to the decision to make changes in our health or fitness, we are committed and focused to make changes. All to often we fall off the bus because we are not seeing the results that we feel our time in the gym should bring.

Often we hear the figure of 80% being used to quantify the contribution nutrition has on the results we get. Arguably this figure is conservative - reason being it is very much dependent on a number of factors but as we age, that percentage climbs.

You have two choices when you get started:

  1. Get professional advice on what your nutritional plan should be based on your objectives - be that to lose weight, compete in a specific sport, gain muscle. Let's put it this way, it make every day of the week count after all, over a 12 week period you will train 72 times (6 times per week) and have between 252 and 504 meals, it doesn't take much to see what drives the results!
  2. Go along on your own - the results you currently get are a result of this option. You may know what you should be eating or think so, but you didn't apply this before so why now?

We are hear to help. With years of experience in exercise, sports specific training and weight loss, Quinton has the tools to take away the guesswork and replace this with certainty that your efforts will be rewarded.
We cater for all preferences and work with you to create a tailored meal plan based on these preferences and dislikes.
The nutrition side of things being such a minefield, it is really important to realise that it is not a one-size-fits-all thing. 

We Offer:

Summer Shred: Quinton will create a meal plan with 2 options for each meal of a day, the objective of the plan is to help you lose 1kg per week in a health way and still look freak'n awesome come summer!

Weight loss: We will create a plan for you to drop the unwanted body fat and maintenance or increase lean body mass to feel better in those jeans.

Muscle Growth: Are you looking to bulk up? We can customise plans to increase lean body mass while shredding the unwanted excess body fat.

Sport Specific:  Whether you are an elite athlete or shaping up to become one, we will work with you to ensure your nutrition, and as a result, your performance won't hold you back!

What is the process:

The first step is that we send you a questionnaire to complete. It allows us to gain a full understanding of your current situation in terms of health, diet and exercise. 

Once we receive the completed form, Quinton will touch base to clarify some responses. This could be a brief meeting in person or a phone call / email.

Your plan is then created based on a number of factors including your requirements, activity level and goals.

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Fees & Rates:

  • One-off customised plan (3-day meal plan):- $80.00
  • One-off customised meal plan (1 weeks plan):- $95.00

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